The CORPTUS Panel System
corptus corptus corptus corptus
European rail infrastructure safety system
Concrete Railtrack Panels
for Tunnel Safety
corptus panel
  • The CORPTUS system is an optimum solution for implementation in existing railway- and metro-tunnels
  • The CORPTUS system (consisting of 2 edge slabs and 1 middle slab) is prefabricated and is installable in every track construction
  • The CORPTUS system has no impacts to maintenance programs (rail brushing, etc.) and offers free access to track fastenings
  • The CORPTUS system enables the traffic access of high load vehicles caused by its high mechanical resistance and fire proofness
  • The CORPTUS system implements a nearly smooth and easily passable surface, which in emergency cases enables short time for flight or evacuation of people (self-rescue)

managing director

Dipl. Ing. Dr. techn. Alexius Vogel
Chartered Engineering Consultant for Civil Engineering and Infrastructure

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