April 28, 2021 Lake Bella Vista Dam failure in Arkansas, USA
Type: Earth Dam
Height: 4,3 m Length: 183 m
Lake Bella Vista
Febr. 7, 2021 Tapovan Dam failure in India due to a flash flood caused by the Uttarakhand glacier burst
Height: 22 m Length: 200 m
80 fatalities, 126 missing persons
Failure during construction
Tapovan Tapovan
August 3, 2020 Hababah Dam failure in Yemen
Mai 19, 2020 Edenville Dam failure in Michigan, USA
Height: 16,5 m Length: 2011 m
Failure following heavy rains
Edenville Tapovan
Mai 19, 2020 Sanford Dam failure in Michigan, USA
Height: 11 m Length: 488 m
The Sanford Dam was overwhelmed by flood waters rushing from the failed Edenville Dam.
Sanford Sanford
June 12, 2013 Krel 2 Dam in Vietnam
March 10, 2010 two dams burst in Kazakhstan
two dams burst in Kazakhstan in the Aksuisky district north of the country's business capital, Almaty
Febr. 26, 2010 failure of Forge Pond Dam on Assonet River in Freetown in Massachusetts
Type: Earth Dam with concrete overflow section
Height: 2,5m Length: 79,2m
More than 200 years old
forge pond dam forge pond dam
Dec 2005, Overtopping of Taum Sauk Lake Dam
On December 14, 2005, the embankment of Taum Sauk Lake Dam in southeast Missouri failed after a human error by overtopping. It was built in 1963.
taum sauk lake damtaum sauk lake dam
June 2004, Dam failure in Brazil, Camara Dam
In June 2004, after heavy rainfall, the 50 m high Camara Dam in Brazil burst. It killed five people and left 800 homeless. It had been completed in 2002.
camara dam
June 2002: Zayzoun failure
On June 4, 2002 in the afternoon, the Zayzoun Dam, north of Hama City collapsed, causing severe damages to the villages of Mshik, Karkur, Kastun, Zayzoun and Ziyara, located near the dam, 90 kilometres northwest of Hama. The failure happened not suddenly and therefore it was enough time for warning and evacuation so that the death toll reached only 22. 4000 people left homeless and more than 8000 hectares of cultivated land were swept away. Built in 1995, the dam was 43m high and five kilometres long with a storage capacity of 70 million cubic metres. The final gap was more than 60 metres wide through which the whole storage could escape within a short time.

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