Internal erosion dam failures cases 2013/06/18
21st Annual Meeting of European Working Group on Internal Erosion in Embankment Dams & Their Foundations, Vienna, Austria
Failures of dams - Challenges to the present and the future 2013/02/14
IABSE Workshop on Safety, Failures and Robustness of Large Structures, Helsinki, Finland
Examples of dam failures caused by erosion 2012/08/31
6th International Conference on Scour and Erosion, Paris, France
Failures of Rockfill Dams 2009/10/20
1st International Symposium on Rockfill Dams, Chengdu, China
Dam failures in the sight of long term behaviour – lessons learnt 2009/10/13
2nd International Conference on Long Term Behaviour of Dams, Graz, Austria
Failure of Belci Dam/Romania, Causes and Lessons Learnt 2009/03/25
Workshop "Learning from International Dam Incidents and Failures”, CEATI International Dam Safety Interest Group, Los Angeles, USA
Aspects on terror attacks on dam constructions 2004/12/02
2th International Conference on Protection of Structures against Hazards 2004, Singapore, Thailand
The World Largest Data Base on Dam Failures – Data Acquisition, Management, protection and Internet-based Applications 2004/06/23
6th International Conference on Hydroinformatics 2004, Singapore, Thailand
SLAGSTAR® an Austrian special binder of the highest quality without calcining process for mass concrete for dam engineering 2004/05/24
International Conference on Hydropower’2004, Yichang, China
Lessons from dam failures caused by seepage or internal erosion 2004/05/20
ICOLD 72nd Annual Meeting 2004, Seoul, South Corea
Icold Seoul Icold Seoul Icold Seoul
Lessons from dam failures caused by seepage or internal erosion
ICOLD 72nd Annual Meeting 2004, Seoul, South Corea
The significance of new member countries in research projects of the 6th European Framework Programme 2004/05/13
14th International Symposium SANACE 2004, Brno, Czech Republic
Proposal of an incident data base on internet for the Euroepan Club of ICOLD 2004/04/26
Syposium etude de faisabilite l’erosion interne en geotechnique, Paris, France
Estimation of human loss at accidents 2004/04/22
International conference of the Federal Austrian Railways on accidents and accident investigations, Rail Tec Austria, Vienna
Alexius Vogel at the presentation Prof. Davies/Great Britain at the presenation Partcipants of the conference
Alexius Vogel at the presentation Prof. Davies Participants
Visit of Rail Tec Arsenal, the largest climate wind canal of the world Final round table discussion with all the chairmen Farewell at Vienna airport
Rail Tec Arsenal
Failures of Dam Constructions and Their Impacts to European Legislation
University of Agriculture, Vienna
Petten (Netherlands), May 2003: Accident investigations of dam constructions
Presentation at the 24th European Safety, Reliability & Data Association Seminar on Safety Investigations of Accidents
Oradea (Romania), March 2003: Tailing dam failures and their impacts to European legislation
Presentation at the International Conference on “The Environmental and Socio-Economic Impact of Industrial Tailing Ponds”
Timisoara (Romania), November 2002: Lessons learnt from hydrological failures of dams
Presentation at the International Conference on "Preventing and Fighting Hydrological Disasters PFHD 2002".
Panaji (India), December 2001: Detail Researches for Risk Evaluation of Dam Failures Caused by Overtopping
Presentation at the Third International Conference “Dam Safety Evaluation”

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dam failures news Lake Bella Vista Dam failure in Arkansas, USA
Failure Date: April 28, 2021