Barcelona (Spain), June 2006: 22nd Congress of ICOLD
Information stand atthe 22nd “72nd Congress of ICOLD” in Barcelona
Alexius Vogel with Mr. J.R. Frey Dr. Alexius Vogel
at the information booth
Alexius Vogel with Prof. Jia
Seoul (Corea), May 2004: 72nd Annual Meeting ICOLD
Information stand at “72nd Annual Meeting of International Commission on Large Dams ICOLD”
72nd Annual Meeting ICOLD Opening ceremony of the conference Alexius Vogel at the information stand
72nd Annual Meeting ICOLD
Alexius Vogel with Dr. Lampérière/France (chairman of the ICOLD committee on costs and chairman of Hydrocoop) Entrance to the exhibition Alexius Vogel with Dr. Oosthuizen/South Africa
Montreal (Canada), June 2003: 21st World Conference ICOLD
Information stand at "21st congress of International Commission on Large Dams ICOLD"
Visitors at the information stand Alexius Vogel with Prof. Berga/Spain (president of SPANCOLD and chairman of the ICOLD Committee on Floods)
Visit of Prof. Viotti/Brazil president of ICOLD with his wife Alexius Vogel with Dr. Varma/India (past president of ICOLD) and Dr. Jia/China (Vice-president of ICOLD) The Chinese Delegation (from left to right): Prof. Shen/Honour-president of CHINCOLD, Prof. Gao/President of CHINCOLD, Alexius Vogel, Dr. Jia/Vice-President of ICOLD
Kyoto (Japan), March 2003: 3rd World Water Forum
Poster exhibition at the 3rd World Water Forum
Visit of Prof. Viotti / Brazil, the president of ICOLD Visit of Japanese students at the poster site Alexius Vogel and Eva Torgler at the poster site
Timisoara (Romania), November 2002: International Conference "Preventing and Fighting Hydological Disasters"
Presentation at the International Conference on "Preventing and Fighting Hydrological Disasters PFHD 2002". Caused by the flood catastrophe which hit central Europe last August, the Austrian know-how represented on the information stand reached a high value of interest and the Romanian broadcast and radio sent longer special reports about the topic of the conference and the urgent European necessity of activities like those of RAI-AUSTRIA.

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Dipl. Ing. Dr. techn. Alexius Vogel
Chartered Engineering Consultant for Civil Engineering and Infrastructure

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dam failures news Lake Bella Vista Dam failure in Arkansas, USA
Failure Date: April 28, 2021