Dipl. Ing. Dr. techn. Alexius Vogel is founder and head of the organisation Data Station for Dam Failures DSDF-VIENNA, which was established 1980 in Vienna together with the Technical University of Vienna, the Technical University of Stuttgart/Germany and Gruner Consulting of Basle/Switzerland and which is now part of the international consulting firm Risk Assessment International RAI-AUSTRIA. The main research tasks of RAI-AUSTRIA are:
  • Analysis of dam failure data
  • risk evaluation of tailings dams and water storage dams
  • alarm plans
  • development of a break-dimension-time factor for risk criteria
  • assessment of structural conditions of dams in consideration of a cause-dam-type-specific way of breach
  • risk management
In addition, Dr. Vogel was the scientific leader of the international researches:
  • REDFCBO - "Research for risk evaluating of dam failures caused by overtopping" with the Institute for Research and Environmental Engineering Bucarest/Romania
  • DIDFCBO - "Detail investigations on dam failures caused by overtopping" financed by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Agriculture
  • DICBE - "Dam incidents caused by earthquakes - A State of Art Report" financed by the Austrian Verbund Company
He was the co-ordinator in the proposed FP5 research projects (2002):
  • MARAD - "Modes and Risk Assessment of Dam Failures"
  • DFDN - "Dam Failure Data Network"
  • HOWSAD - "Heritage of Water Systems and Dams"
For FP6 he is also co-ordinator of the EU-projects:
  • ICCOWATCH - "Impacts of Climate Change On WATer Cycle and Hydrological safety"
  • PRP - "Petra Rehabilitation Project"
  • CORPTUS - "Concrete Rail Panels for TUnnel Safety"
In FP7 Dr. Alexius Vogel was a co-ordinator of a proposed research project:
  • DAFID - "Dam Failure Internet Database for Breach models in emergency cases"

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Dipl. Ing. Dr. techn. Alexius Vogel
Chartered Engineering Consultant for Civil Engineering and Infrastructure

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dam failures news Lake Bella Vista Dam failure in Arkansas, USA
Failure Date: April 28, 2021